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For residents living in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, The Dorsey Law Firm assists with all aspects of planning for distribution of your property after your death, as well as making sure all necessary documents are in place for your own personal and financial well-being. Attorney Tabor Dorsey takes great care in understanding your specific circumstances and making certain they are fully taken into account in an estate plan that addresses your and your family's needs and goals.

Planning your estate involves more than just distributing your property after your death. A well-rounded estate plan also includes specific documents that address your personal and medicare care, as well as your finances, in the event you become incapacitated for any reason.

If you do not put all the documents in place to provide for distribution of your property after your death and provide for your medical and personal care and finances in the event of incapacity, Texas law will make those decisions for you. In many cases, what the law decides may not be what you would want to have happen. Putting the right documents in place should be a priority for every individual and every family.


When you execute a will, you can accomplish a number of goals:

  • Name an executor to oversee administration of your will and distribution of your property
  • Determine which individuals or organizations will receive your property
  • Name a guardian for your minor children
  • Select a person to manage property for your minor children

A will alone is not sufficient to avoid probate, although in some circumstances in Texas, probate is relatively straightforward. A will also does not address who takes care of you and your finances in the event you become incapacitated.

When you have The Dorsey Law Firm help with your will and other documents, Attorney Dorsey will make sure that assets with designated beneficiaries, like life insurance and retirement plans, are set up properly. He also will review any jointly-held assets to ensure that the titles meet the legal requirements for fulfilling your wishes and goals. Finally, Attorney Dorsey will ensure that your will and other document meets all the specific requirements to be valid under Texas law.

If you don't have a will — or if there have been major changes in your life since you last executed a will (like marriage, divorce, or birth) — talking with an experienced wills and trusts lawyer is extremely important. The Dorsey Law Firm will always ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to protect your estate, whether you don't currently have a will or need to revise one that is out-of-date.

Other Essential Estate Planning Documents

It is naturally difficult to think about the possibility of being unable to make important decisions for yourself. However, incapacity can occur unexpectedly for a number of different reasons. Being prepared for the possibility will ensure that your wishes are expressed and carried out if it does happen for any reason.

To provide for your own personal and medical care and management of your finances in the event of incapacity, several different documents are very important. These documents enable you to choose the individuals who will care for you and make decisions for you, in the event you are unable to make them for yourself:

  • Advance directive / living will (for end-of-life decisions)
  • Financial durable power of attorney (for incapacity)
  • Medical or healthcare power of attorney (for incapacity)
  • HIPPA release to insure access to medical records

Having the right documents in place will make certain that decisions you cannot make for yourself will be made by people you trust to make those decisions for you.


In many cases, a will is appropriate to provide for property distribution after death. However, there are things a will can do, but there are also things a will cannot do. In some cases, a will is not the best document for an individual's or family's situation. Creating a trust may be a better choice.

A trust is a legal tool used to set up a fund to manage and distribute your assets. You select a trustee to manage the trust and name the beneficiaries to receive the assets. There are many different types of trusts, each of which accomplishes a special and specific purpose.

A trust can be established to become effective during your lifetime, or it can take effect after your death. Trusts are sometimes used to avoid probate after death. Examples of different types of trusts include:

  • Irrevocable testamentary trusts (effective after your death)
  • Revocable living trusts (effective during your lifetime)
  • Charitable trusts
  • Spendthrift trusts
  • Special Needs trusts

Whether a trust is right for you and your goals — and which type of trust is best — depends entirely on your individual and family circumstances. When you talk with Attorney Tabor Dorsey, he will explain the trust options that are available and help you determine what type of trust suits your needs.

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